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Why do I need a pet trust?

If a state planning is accurately stated is caring for those who we love. Then it would be fair to say that we should provide for our pets as well. Florida recognizes a pet trust the benefit of a pet trust is that the person who creates it is able to set out the standard of care. They're able to provide financially and to get governance of whether or not their instructions are being followed because in a pet trust one can have a trustee to handle the finances and a caregiver to take care of the pet. Unlike leaving the pet to someone or having no provision at all so, those are the advantages of the pet trust you can provide detailed instructions, you can separate the caregiver from the person who manages the money and the money that's not spent goes back into the decedent's estate. So, that way by establishing a pet trust the decedent doesn't have to be concerned over whether they've left enough money or not enough money.

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